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Assumed Name Certificate

Each person who regularly conducts business or provides professional services must file an assumed name certificate (also known as "DBA") with the County Clerk so that a record of the business is available. Most banks require an assumed name certificate to open a business bank account. It is necessary to obtain an assumed name certificate in every county where business will be conducted. An applicant may conduct business under multiple assumed names, but each name must be filed separately.

The filing fee for an Assumed Name Certificate in Zapata County is $23.00 for one owner.

An Assumed Name Certificate is good for ten years from the date of filing.

The clerk has no duty to notify a party of the expiration of a certificate, therefore, it is the owners' responsibility to make sure a new certificate is filed timely.

If the business closes it is necessary to file an Abandonment of Assumed Name Certificate.
The filing fee is $26.00

 Assumed Name Certificate (pdf)
 Abandonment of Assumed Name Certificate (pdf)
 Withdraw Notice of Individual Assumed Name Certificate (pdf)