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Grease Traps Ordinance
Approved: August 6, 2006
Ordinance Establishing the Requirement for Grease Traps
Public Nuisances Ordinance
Approved: December 18, 2006 

Ordinance to Protect the Public Health, Safety, and Welfare, to Promote the Economic Welfare of the State, to Decrease Situations Which are Nuisances Creating a Greater Likelihood  of Vandalism Fire, and to Prohibit Activity Which Would Cause, Permit, or Allow a Public Nuisance 

Water Systems Ordinance
Approved: February 15, 2007
Creating the Zapata County Waterworks; Establishing Procedures for Operating; Creating Liens for Non-Payment for Services; Rates and Charges for the Zapata County Waterworks; and Criminal Penalties for Violations 
Animals & Fowl Ordinance (Amendment)
Approved: June 25, 2007
Amended: May 9, 2016
Establishing Procedures for Impounded Neglected Animals; Immunization Requirements; Rabies Control Guidelines; and Regulations of Dangerous Dogs
Fireworks Ordinance
Approved: August 27, 2007
Amended: April 11, 2016
An Ordinance Regulating Public Displays and Sales of Fireworks in the County of Zapata, Texas, Providing for the Granting of Permits for Supervised Public Displays and Sales of Fireworks, Prescribing Safeguards Concerning Same, Prohibiting Public Displays of Fireworks and the Possession, Sale, Use and Distribution Thereof and of Aerial Fireworks for Purposes Other Than Public Displays Without Obtaining a Permit Therefore and Prescribing Penalties for Violations 
Load Limits Ordinance
Approved: January 28, 2008
An Ordinance for the Falcon Lake Area of the County of Zapata, Texas, Establishing Load Limits on County Streets; Providing for a Permit Procedure for Overweight Trucks; Providing for Truck Routes and for Loading and Unloading; Establishing Exceptions; Providing Enforcement Procedures and Definitions; and Providing for a Penalty 
Noise Abatement Ordinance
Approved: July 14, 2008
Ordinance Regulating Noise from the Drilling, Production, and Re-Drilling of Gas Wells Within the County; to Provide Regulations Regarding Distance, Noise and Technical Provisions 
Sexually Oriented Businesses Ordinance
Approved: March 9, 2009 
Regulating and Establishing a Licensing Procedure for Sexually Oriented Businesses 
Zapata County & Falcon Lake Area Zoning Regulations
Approved: December 22, 2009 
Waterworks Wastes & Wastewater Ordinance
Approved: June 14, 2010 
An Ordinance Regulating the Discharge of Waste into the Sewers of the Zapata County Waterworks; Establishing a Permit System; Establishing a System of Charge for Services Rendered Regulating Unsewered and Miscellaneous Discharges 
Amusement Machine Redemption Ordinance
Approved: January 10, 2011
Amended: April 8, 2013, February 13, 2017, January 28, 2019, April 23, 2019, May 4, 2020,
November 23, 2020, March 22, 2021
Ordinance Relating to the Licensing and Regulation of Amusement Redemption Machines at Certain Locations 
Day Vendors Ordinance
Approved: May 9, 2011 
An Ordinance Prohibiting Parking Lot, Lot, and Public Easement Vending within the County of Zapata except within Designated Vending Districts and as Permitted; Providing for the Licensing of Day or Temporary Vendors 
Solid Waste Ordinance
Approved: July 11, 2011 
An Ordinance Creating a Solid Waste Division with Certain Powers, Establishing a Mandatory Collection of Solid Waste, Requiring and Regulating Containers, Requiring a Private Collector's License, Reservation of Right to Exclusive Service Contract with Private Collector 
Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Approved: June 11, 2012
An Ordinance to Promote the Public Health, Safety and General Welfare and to Minimize Public and Private Losses Due to to Flood Conditions in Specific Areas
Franchise Fees (Right of Way Mangement) Ordinance
Approved: September 9, 2013
An Ordinance of the County of Zapata, Texas, a Municipal Corporation, exercising its "Type A" Municipal powers granted to it pursuant to Section 81.003 of the Texas Local Government Code, governing the uniform use, occupancy, and construction by telecommunications companies certificated by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, Cable Providers, Electric Distribution Systems, Gas Distribution Systems, and all other persons expressly authorized by local or state law to maintain facilities within the public right of ways.
Smoke Shop Ordinance 
Approved: February 10, 2014 
An Ordinance Regulating Certain Commercial Establishments that Sell Salts, Incense, or Paraphernalia designed for Inhalation or Ingestion of Tobacco and Drugs, Findings, Definitions, Creation of Health and Safety Department, requiring Registration of Premises, Requiring that the Ingredients of all Products Capable of being Inhaled or Ingested be Specified on the Package, Proof of Ownership of Business, Proof of Insurance for Operation, Declaration that Products Lacking Ingredients on Label are an Attractive Nuisance, Prohibiting the Admission of Minors to Certain Commercial Establishments, Voluntary Compliance, Abatement of Nuisance, Recovery of Costs for Enforcement
Neighborhood Beautification Ordinance
Approved: February 10, 2020
An Ordinance for Automotive Wrecking and Salvage Yards